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We LOVE to see all our members as often as possible and we hope to see you every week (or every fortnight for Saturday members)

We want to reward those members who come regularly for their loyalty to us so we are introducing ‘Gateway Gold’ – a loyalty card scheme.

At many of our special events, members pay about half of the actual cost and Gateway Club pays the rest for you. It seems fair that members who come regularly should get this reduced price, but that members who only come once in a blue moon should pay full price.

Every time you come to club, you will get a stamp on your Gold card – when you get 6 stamps and fill your card, you can trade it in for a reduced rate at special events like Christmas Party, Barn Dance etc. If we have an event with limited spaces, regular members with a full card can trade it in to get the first choice. There may also be extra rewards for Gateway Gold members throughout the year.

Members who pay their invoices monthly will AUTOMATICALLY be Gold Members.

If you not a regular member and do not have a full card you will have to pay the full price at events – this will still be a reasonable price but club will not be subsidising you.
The scheme starts as of beginning April ’18 (stamps will be backdated) and will apply to our Halloween costume party and our Xmas party on 8th December.

You may also be able to get extra stamps during the year for things like winning a competition, working really hard on something, helping out with jobs etc.

Any questions please speak to a member of staff.

Best wishes from
The Bournemouth Gateway Team

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