Mencap Gateway Award

The Gateway Award

See a short video about the Gateway Awards here; There’s a few Bournemouth Gateway members in this video from Mencap!

The Gateway Award is an activity award scheme for people with a learning disability

A non-competitive activity based award which people with a learning disability, of any age or ability, can take part in

The award uses activities in areas of everyday life to help participants experience new things, develop life skills, build confidence, become more independent, improve health and wellbeing, make new friends and most importantly have fun.


There are three levels of the award (Bronze, Silver and Gold), made up of five different sections. These include Hobbies, Fitness, Volunteering, Lifestyle, and the Gateway Challenge.

Participants receive a certificate and a medal upon completion of each level!

Here at Bournemouth Gateway we run the award at all 3 levels. For more information or to get involved please speak to a staff member